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After all the homework is done

The children went to school very early and there is now way that I will collect them earlier like they wanted yesterday. In that case I have to rush and after I collected them they are nagging all the time about there is nothing to do. Even the homework was a fight. But the more they yell the more time the homework will cost. In the time they yelled and nagged they could have finished their homework. I had to stay with them all the time and because we had to have dinner early there was not much time left ...

atopic eczema

After having suffered from atopic eczema for a few months I thought I was going crazy. I still suffer to some extent from eczema on various parts of my body, and my doctor thinks I have an autoimmune illness. I am waiting to see a specialist but because I don't have private health care the wait is about six months. In the meanwhile I am reading up on this potential affliction and I see that the eczema I had and still have is probably due to this illness. Rashes like that are typical of what I may have. The ...